The beginning

“JR” has a story that you wouldn’t expect from your typical mastermind behind a camera lens. A Lawrence, Ma native, JR graduated from Franklin Pierce University with a masters in Leadership. While he worked in all fields of media and digital film, his origin focus was sound engineering in the music field. It wasn’t too long after, JR picked up a camera to shoot and edit a video based on his understanding, and further interest of cinematography. That day marked the beginning to what would become a promising and successful career.

Juicy J, Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz

Who would imagine in just 2 years, Juicy J’s “Bandz A Make Her Dance, The Game’s “Ali Bomaya”, and Ray J’s “I Hit It First” would be amongst the many hit songs he would be summoned to shoot? Well, while he didn’t see it coming, he will assure you he wasn’t surprised!

Work ethic

In just under 2 years, JR has gone from a local household name, to a premiere Director within the entire music industry, as we know it. A one man crew, JR directs, shoots and edits his material all on his own. It’s no wonder why his brand is so easily identifiable, considering he is so hands on and fully in control of his products. Known for his visual effects that seem to appear at the perfect moments to highlight the video while carrying the storyline, JR has consistently provided the world with excitement and left us in awe.

Local to mainstream

Perhaps what is most exceptional about JR, is his character and willingness to help aspiring artists who may not have the financial means as those on the mainstream. Time and time again, JR has provided local and upcoming artists with a quality visual, that most Directors of his stature wouldn’t be open to executing.

Won Director of the Year Award

It is rare to find someone such as JR, who has just won the Director Of The Year award (Urban Media Awards), to still be so grounded and humble in the midst of it all.

"I love to see the underdog win"

While others would assume he is doing it as a favor to still be working with the underground and upcoming artists having so much mainstream and industry success, he would answer very simply; “I love to see the underdog win”. An “underdog” himself, he is quickly proving just the opposite as not only a threat to the competition, but a true force to be reckoned with. Bottom line, if you aren’t familiar with J.R. Saint, you have yet to shoot your greatest quality video!

JR Saint Directors reel